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Re: Re: mounting a multiple cd-rom archive over nfs

>    Why don't you do a network installation?  Get the 6 
>    images from the debian site (rescue, root, drivers1-4) 
>    this will configure your network interface.  Assuming 
you have
>    internet access, you can then install the base system 
and any
>    packages of the internet.

I have a 3 CD binary set of Debian 2.2R0(yes, I know potato 
is on the verge of 2.2R4), which I have copied the Rescue, 
Root, Driver-1,2,3 from.  I can successfully boot the 
laptop, load the nfs module, pcmcia support, and the 
ethernet driver module for my card.  This works, and I able 
to mount the install CD in my desktop via nfs, and install 
the base system.  The trouble I am having is after I reboot 
the base system on the laptop.  When asked where I want to 
install packages from, I could say harddisk, and then mount 
the desktop's cdrom, but that only gives me one CD. If I 
say cdrom, it asks for a valid block device. I would rather 
not install from the internet since I have all of the 
packages I need on CD.  Is there a way to tell the apt I 
have three different sources, all mounted on the same mount 

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