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Re: IBM Thinkpad A21p

On Tue, Feb 27, 2001 at 09:37:48PM +1300, Andrew McMillan wrote:

> I'm looking to purchase one of these, because I just can't go past that
> 1600x1200 LCD (and I don't know of any other laptops that match that. 
> Indeed I haven't found more than a couple that go past 1024x768.
> Does anyone here have any experience with running Linux (particularly
> Debian, of course) on such a beast?

Yes. I have the IBM A21p since December or November.
Linux runs quite cute, FreeBSD seems to make some problems.

You can run XFree 4 in 1600*1200, very very nice :-)

Don't try, XFree 3.x.x. 

I have the 3com network interface and it works great.

checking for the validity of the Maxwell laws on this machine... ok
checking if e=mc^2... ok
checking if we can safely swap on /dev/fd0... yes
        (Ausgabe von "configure" bei kvirc 2.0)

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