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Re: IBM Thinkpad A21p

I have a IBM Thinkpad A20m and its the perfect notebook for me.  Its
running Debian 2.2 Potato.  Stay away from the 3com network interface,
I know my A20m uses an Intel EtherPro 10/100 and it works perfect.  I
am not sure if Intel EtherPro 10/100 = EtherJet.  If you go to the
IBM web site they have detail technical specs.  Also a good way to
guarantee Linux Compatibility is to pick the Thinkpad model with linux
preinstalled.  The screen is incredible and I have an older model!  Thinkpads
are expensive but worth the investment.

Thus spake Andrew McMillan (andrew@catalyst.net.nz):

> Hi all,
> I'm looking to purchase one of these, because I just can't go past that
> 1600x1200 LCD (and I don't know of any other laptops that match that. 
> Indeed I haven't found more than a couple that go past 1024x768.
> Does anyone here have any experience with running Linux (particularly
> Debian, of course) on such a beast?
> Looks like I might be able to buy it with one of:
> 	10/100 mini-PCI "EtherJet" with Modem (Lucent?)
> 	10/100 mini-PCI "Ethernet" with Modem (3com)
> 	10/100 mini-PCI "EtherJet" with Modem (Intel)
> and the 3com claims to support DOS (but not Linux - sigh) so presumably
> would be the best choice unless anyone has specific experience.  Also, I
> think I might be better with an "Ethernet" adaptor than an "EtherJet"
> one...  sounds suspicious... :-)

Todd V. Rovito
Carpe Aptenodytes! ================ "Seize the Penguins!" 

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