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Re: update: PCMCIA "make all" errors

> Hi Donnie,
> I was never able to get the Etherjet card working in my Thinkpad 240.  
> I compiled newer kernels, up to 2.2.18pre something, I downloaded and 
> compiled the newest pcmcia-cs sources.  Nothing ever worked for me with 
> that card.  Finally I replaced it with a D-Link DFE-650, which cost 
> about  1/3 as much, and it Just Worked.  As best I remember, I didn't 
> have to do anything special, it just worked.

That's the same card I use.  Congrats, Bud, glad you found something.
It would have been nice to see it fixed, and maybe someone else will.
You should let IBM know you had to send it back and why, so they can
perform better testing.

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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