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Re: update: PCMCIA "make all" errors

On Friday 23 February 2001 17:43, Heather wrote:
> > Hi Donnie,
> >
> > I was never able to get the Etherjet card working in my Thinkpad
> > 240. I compiled newer kernels, up to 2.2.18pre something, I
> > downloaded and compiled the newest pcmcia-cs sources.  Nothing ever
> > worked for me with that card.  Finally I replaced it with a D-Link
> > DFE-650, which cost about  1/3 as much, and it Just Worked.  As
> > best I remember, I didn't have to do anything special, it just
> > worked.
> That's the same card I use.  Congrats, Bud, glad you found something.
> It would have been nice to see it fixed, and maybe someone else will.
> You should let IBM know you had to send it back and why, so they can
> perform better testing.

Actually I still have it. I don't think anything is wrong with the 
card.   The pcmcia-cs documentation says "support is experimental and 

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