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/usr/include/linux (WAS: _PCMCIA_"make_all"_errors)

Manfred Wassmann <manolo@NCC-1701.B.shuttle.de>

> BTW it is a bad idea that was suggested earlier to delete
> /usr/include/linux. On Debian those files are used to compile
> application
> programs only and have nothing to do with the kernel you are
> compiling.

AFAIK, debian is the only distribution where /usr/include/linux is not a
symlink to /usr/src/linux/include. I had trouble with it at least once, when
I tried to compile some kernel-related programs (I think it was ALSA),
because the include files didn't really match my kernel. Anyways, where is
the idea of having two sets of include files on your system?



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