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Re: ssh2 and non-stable

Heather and Daniel and all the list.....

I added unstable to my sources.list (testing didn't have it) and got ssh2
via apt-get and I can now connect via ssh Protocol 2.  I then removed the
unstable lines from my sources.list and updated, it seems I'm back to just
cacheing the stable stuff, but not really sure.  We'll see.

I can't connect to ssh1 now, but I'm sure I can config it to drop back
automatically, besides what I really needed was Protocol 2, I had to
connect to a machine which has no telnetd and only listens sshd Prot 2. 

Thank you muchly for the advice.  I've learned a lot from the list since
August, this is the first time I had to ask a specific question, thanks
for being such good teachers......


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