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Re: Debian on a Dell Latitude LT

> Howdy -
> I've recently started a computer science degree and I've been checking
> out the possibilities of putting Linux on my laptop, as it would make
> my life that much easier.  I'd like to use Debian as I like the idea
> of a free system, but there's a few things I want to check first.
> My main concern is the install.  I have a CD drive, but it's connected
> via PCMCIA.  From what I've read it's possible to use PCMCIA devices
> during the install, but all the stuff I've read refers to Ethernet
> cards and network installations.  Is it possible / easy to install
> from CDs using a PCMCIA CD drive?  How would I go about doing this?
Yes it is possible (though I'm not certain re: that model) - I have a 
Magio which has no built in CD, and had to.

During the install sequence the "chicken pecks enter" path lists some
alternates below it.  When the alternative for adding drivers is offered
you should take it.  If you don't get that offered by the time it reaches 
"install the base system" then scroll down through the menu and just pick 
it, so you can load the PCMCIA adapter (usually: i82365).  Been awhile
since I did it so I don't recall if that was enough or if I had to go to
window 2 and force the atapi/pcmcia module to load.

You will need at least one of, probably wise to have the three, drivers 
diskettes as real floppies so you can swap them in.  If your machine is 
enough like mine, one will be enough.

> Failing that, it would be possible to try an install via the CompSci
> network (I can't see them objecting).  I know this is a tried and
> tested method, but I don't have an Ethernet card, is there anything
> special I need to look for in buying one, or will anyone do?
I have a D-Link I'm exceedingly happy with.  Combo cards are known to 
get extra toasty.  Linksys and Xircom both work but have their quirks.
Some Realteks need the SMC driver, but work. 

> I apologise if this information is available elsewhere, and I have
> looked (honest!) but with no success.

Where'd you look, maybe we can tell someone to add it to their howto.
> Many thanks for all info offered.
> Henry.

Good luck Harry, let us know how it goes.

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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