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Re: Debian on a Dell Latitude LT

If you can boot off of your CD, it will be pretty easy.  If not, you'll 
have to have the 6 floppy set, then load the modules for your pcmcia 
card, as well as the cdrom drive (if it needs one).  Other than that,
it should be ok.  

I do network installs myself...  Any reasonable quality card should be
ok, except be sure to check the PCMCIA-HOWTO for compatibility 
information.  You may also find information about your cdrom pc card
there as well.


On Tue, 20 Feb 2001, Henry Todd wrote:
> Howdy -
> I've recently started a computer science degree and I've been checking
> out the possibilities of putting Linux on my laptop, as it would make
> my life that much easier.  I'd like to use Debian as I like the idea
> of a free system, but there's a few things I want to check first.
> My main concern is the install.  I have a CD drive, but it's connected
> via PCMCIA.  From what I've read it's possible to use PCMCIA devices
> during the install, but all the stuff I've read refers to Ethernet
> cards and network installations.  Is it possible / easy to install
> from CDs using a PCMCIA CD drive?  How would I go about doing this?
> Failing that, it would be possible to try an install via the CompSci
> network (I can't see them objecting).  I know this is a tried and
> tested method, but I don't have an Ethernet card, is there anything
> special I need to look for in buying one, or will anyone do?
> I apologise if this information is available elsewhere, and I have
> looked (honest!) but with no success.
> Many thanks for all info offered.
> Henry.

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