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Re: Netgear FA510 trouble

G'Day !

I'm forwarding this to the debian-laptop list so the "real" experts can chime in
as neccessary ...  ;-)

I had the same problem with my D-Link DFE-650 NIC card (slightly different
symptoms, but still a Tx message in dmesg).  I stopped working on the problem,
so I don't have a final solution, but I did upgrade by kernel to 2.2.17 and
upgraded by PCMCIA package.  This got my modem working anyway ....

I'll play with it some more sometime this week and see if I can get a fix posted
to the list ... but I would not hold your breath waiting.

BTW which kernel and PCMCIA versions are you using ?  Did you check out the
Netgear web site ?

Jim Parker

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than that !!!

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JParker@coinstar.com wrote:
> Check dmesg and your route table for clues ... also are you pinging by name or
> number ?  if name, try number.  if that works check you dns/hosts

dmsg conatins lines like (they seem to be generated after each
unsuccessful ping):
eth0: Tx hung, 16 vs. 0.

The route table is the same on both computers in the network:
Destination Gateway Denmask       Flags Metric Ref Use IFace * U     0      0   0   eth0

DNS is not the problem since pinging by number doesn't work. The
contents of my hosts file are:       ibm550.klee                    ibm550
 localhost          amd300.klee                    amd300          amd300w95.klee            amd300w95          p90.klee                  p90          p90w95.klee                    p90w95     ibm550.klee               ibm550     ibm550w2k.klee            ibm550w2k          mh233.klee                     mh233          mh233w95.klee                  mh233w95          liteline266.klee          liteline266         liteline266w95.klee            liteline266w95

BTW, connecting to mh233 and liteline266 via PLIP works. However, I
haven't tested whether I can access amd300 (that's the machine I am
trying to ping) via PLIP.


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