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Debian on a Dell Latitude LT

Howdy -

I've recently started a computer science degree and I've been checking
out the possibilities of putting Linux on my laptop, as it would make
my life that much easier.  I'd like to use Debian as I like the idea
of a free system, but there's a few things I want to check first.

My main concern is the install.  I have a CD drive, but it's connected
via PCMCIA.  From what I've read it's possible to use PCMCIA devices
during the install, but all the stuff I've read refers to Ethernet
cards and network installations.  Is it possible / easy to install
from CDs using a PCMCIA CD drive?  How would I go about doing this?

Failing that, it would be possible to try an install via the CompSci
network (I can't see them objecting).  I know this is a tried and
tested method, but I don't have an Ethernet card, is there anything
special I need to look for in buying one, or will anyone do?

I apologise if this information is available elsewhere, and I have
looked (honest!) but with no success.

Many thanks for all info offered.



Henry Todd

Email: h.j.todd@cs.rhul.ac.uk
Phone: 07974 144 313

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