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Re: 2.4 kernel, problems shutting down eth0 interface

On Friday 19 January 2001 15:50, bryan@bryansweb.com wrote:
> Yesterday I compiled a 2.4 kernel using make-kpkg.  All seems to have gone
> well.  I used the pcmcia features in the kernel, and chose not to
> separately compile pcmcia modules.  All seems to work well, I boot fine,
> start up pcmcia fine, get a dhcp address fine.   However, I do have one
> problem, I can't shut down or reboot without cutting the power to the
> laptop.  When I try, I get the following error:
> "Shutting down PCMCIA services: cardmgrunregister_netdevice waiting for
> eth0 to become free.  Usage count = 0"

I always have to eject my PCMCIA or CardBus network card before attempting to 
suspend.  As far as I recall I had this problem on 2.2 kernels too.

I have read reports about people configuring their APM daemons to unconfigure 
their network device before suspend which can apparently solve such problems.

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