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Re: TuxTops Amethyst 20U - CDR errors after suspend/restore

JEAN CHARLES BAGNERIS <JCB@supco-montpellier.fr> writes:

> Hi,
> > Second issue is going to be getting this beast up and running under
> > Debian (I've got a stock 6.2 RH (TuxTopified) install right now).  My
> > main concerns are apm and sound, with apm being the bigger one.
> AFAIK, stock debian kernels are compiled without apm support.
> Compiling a new one worked for me. Various hints about compilation config
> should be available in the laptop how-to.

This isn't exactly true. Stock Debian kernels can have apm support by
appending "apm=on" to the lilo boot prompt, or through


in your lilo.conf.

There aren't many things for which a stock Debian kernel doesn't work.

Zachary M. Loafman

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