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Spawned process.

I have loaded potato onto my laptop. When I boot and just before the
login prompt comes up, I get a page or two of what appear to be command
line helps.

The message is "Usage: /sbin/getty [-hi...". The last line states "Init:
Id "S" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes."

Sure enough, 5 minutes later I get a screen full of "Usage" messages and
a respawn statement. This happening occurred even when I had loaded the
base system prior to downloading the distribution.

I don't know what is generating the messages unless it is the news
download program trying to start (that's my guess).

Can anyone advise as to what program is causing this, where it is being
started from, and how I can turn it off. Its most disturbing!

Thanks in advance... Tom.

Tom Cada <tcada@attglobal.net>

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