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Re: high power consumption on a T20

> Hi all
> I have recently noticed that my power consumtion on my T20 is about
> twice as high as windoze.  With a full charged (new) battery and using
> an external monitor, linux thinks that I have about 1:45 hours of
> computing time.  Under nt I get something like 3:45!

> Has anyone else noticed this?  Is it a) linux? b) apmd (I am using woody
> and 2.2.17--hopefully with all the correct options)?

Windows uses ACPI.  Linux support for ACPI basically hasn't got enough
userland yet, so we still use APM.  Your values are probably more affected 
by that difference than by the chance that Linux and NT are using different 
calculation methods to determine how fast you're using juice.

> My memory (faulty at best) recalls that I use to get much better times
> that this...but I don't know what change I have made could have lead to
> these problems.  I have hunted through the docs/faqs etc, but I can't
> see anything particularly relevent.

Have you also changed the way you use your system?

Are you comparing your own real experience (how long it *actually* takes
to die or hit "low power beep") with how long it's advertising?  If you 
hadn't been paying attention until recently, these values could have been
out of sync the whole time, and you may have only just started getting them
mixed up.

> Would upgrading to 2.4.0-testX would be a good idea?

Well, 2.4.0 is supposed to be more efficient in a number of features,
so you may get more bang for the tron there.  

Going to -testX is another question, and since they're not focussing
on laptop issues, probably not a major jump;  OTOH, get in there and bang
on it, because if there are laptop issues that we *don't* know about

	...we already know that the builtin PCMCIA stuff works better
	*if* it has your drivers.  Sort of the same spot as X 3.3.x vs
	X 4.x ...

um, then we'd kinda like to know.

> thanks for any help
> Richard

Have a good one...

* Heather Stern * star@ many places...

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