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Re: Spawned process.


> The message is "Usage: /sbin/getty [-hi...". The last line states "Init:
> Id "S" respawning too fast: disabled for 5 minutes."

In my case this was an error initializing my serial port.  I removed the
offending line from my init file and it kept being written back in.  
Turns out the config was being saved in this file when I shut down,
eventually I found the file that was trying to initialize and removed the
line from both that and the saved state file.

I can live without my serial port working.

Sorry, though, I don't remember the exact filenames. But at least this'll
give you some info.  And like the other responder pointed out it has to do
with a line with an S and the gtty string.

Maybe someone else can tell the exact filenames and paths to look in.


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