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Re: Turning off esd

Richard Black wrote:
> Even if the below works, you may still have trouble with gnome (at least I do).
> I find that when I stop esd and restart it, the panel doesn't make its cool
> sounds anymore--and indeed can freeze up in an effort to play anything!

I wrote a script which the user must call to suspend the machine:
        esdctl off
        apm -s
        sleep 1
        esdctl on

And I put a script named 01sound into /etc/apm/event.d in order to
remove the sound modules when suspending:
        # reinitialize sound

        if [ "$1" = suspend ]; then
            echo -n "Turning off sound ..."
            modprobe -r i810_audio
            echo " done"
        elif [ "$1" = resume ]; then
            echo -n "Turning on sound ..."
            modprobe i810_audio
            echo " done"

This solution works partly in so far, that after resuming there is no
sound but I can execute "esdctl on" to get it back (the stupid sound
that the panel makes also comes back). I wonder why that command is not
executed in the scriptafter seuming.


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