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Re: Turning off esd

On Saturday 30 December 2000 16:39, Felix E. Klee wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to automatically turn off the Enlightenment Sound Deamon
> (esd) and remove the sound modules before suspending my laptop and turn
> everything back on when resuming. Otherwise sound does not work anymore
> after resuming and I have to reload the modules manually. I tried
> putting "esdctl off; modprobe -r i810_audio, etc." into a script in
> /etc/apm/event.d. However this does not seem to work since esdctl is
> executed from the root account and esd was started from a normal user
> account by Gnome.
> Did anyone already solve this problem? I appreciate all suggestions!
> TIA,
> Felix

I'd suggest using "su flea esdctl on" (replace flea with your username), or 
whatever you do to restart esd.  If you want a generic solution, use ps to 
capture the username associated with esd before you kill it, and when your 
computer resumes, read that info from an environment variable.  Then the 
startup command would go "su $ESDUSER ...".

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