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Re: trapped in the throes of install...

* Andreas Somogyi <andreas@somogyi.nu> [010110 12:41]:
> Anybody got any tips on how to get X working well on a Toshiba
> satellite 2540 CDS? I get terrible display flickers when moving
> windows and scrolling...

Hi, Andreas

Take a look at this thread:

The tips (and explanations) are in this message:

That was with Slink (Xfree 3.3.2, IIRC); with Potato and Xfree 3.3.6 the
problem it's the same, but you only need to do the trick the first time
you run X; after this, you can go to text console, or suspend, and the
display is happy again when you go back to X.

In short, here is what I do the first time I enter X:
    - Cycle the display selection (press <Fn-F5> three times)
    - Resynchronize the display, switching video modes.
      For this, I have a trick: I press Ctr-Alt-R; this make my window
      manager to execute "xvidtune -next && xrefresh", to switch to the
      next video mode (I have two 800x600 modes to switch between them)
      and refresh the display

I don't know if Xfree 4.0.2 solves this problem (I'm getting some good
reports with display on Tecras); someone?


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