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Re: trapped in the throes of install...

Thanks, LinuxKnight and siaraX,

I finally did manage to get the Toshiba up on Debian 2.2r2, and the B1 disk
was all that was needed.

I re-installed from the B1 disk, and selected "simple" when the time came to
choose packages.
After a few complaints from the install script while trying to get the X
server to work, it looks like
everything is finally where it belongs, and I have a nice 24 bit color
desktop, and the man pages
are all there.

With regard to the fits and starts, for anyone else using this laptop:

The 1715XCDS uses the ATI Rage Mobility chipset, but anXious doesn't
recognize the
video card, so you must use XF86Setup to make it work.  The laptop has a
800x600 display
that refreshes at 60 Hz, and the Accupoint mouse is PS/2 compatible and uses
/dev/psaux .

  It seems like the install script attempts to start the X server before
it's in place.  When it makes
the attempt from XF86Setup, it waits for a response from the x server, but
fails with errno: 111.
This happens with both the VGA16 and SVGA servers.  You must hit Ctrl-C to
escape, and then
allow the install script to finish installing the rest of the packages. It
will report an error occured
and asks if you would like to try and configure again. On this second
attempt, it will succeed in
starting the server, and XF86Setup will run successfully.

I don't know if this is a bug in the install or not, but I managed to work
around it.

So I've installed it on 5 1715XCDS so far.  Only 19 more to go....  Once you
past this little problem, they can be installed in about 45 minutes.

Next:  Put Debian on my machine at home (a P-II 400 hodgepodge I put
together myself ).
Wish me luck...

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From: LinuxKnight

[ snip - regarding install from B1 only ]

> I'm not positive but it sounds to me like you need to get the B2 image,
> Potato binaries are on 2 disks and AFAIK you need both of them as they
> have some of the important base stuff and some other things as well.
> ----------------------
> 73 de KG6BZQ
> Matt M.

From: siaraX

[snip - regarding missing XF86Setup ]

> first go to the linux laptop web page, I tall u how find this address at
> the moment I lost all my bookmarks :/ then u have to go around
> www.linuxdoc.org -> then HOWTO -> then Laptop HOWTO from there u can find
> the link to this site and find your laptop on list

> > The second problem is that man is MIA...  leaving me pretty much in the

> mount /cdrom
> shoud be fine

Thanks for the good advice on both counts.


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