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/home replication on laptop

Hi Everyone!

I have three PC's and a laptop running debian. They are all networked 
together, one of the PC's is soon to be an NFS/NIS server. I am doing this to 
share /home and other common directories.

Sharing /home should be no problem for the PC's, however I don't know what I 
am going to do with my laptop. Since I am always roaming other networks, I 
would like to have /home from my network replicated on my laptop and when I 
get to my home network, sync up any changes that are made. 

Can I do this with NFS? I've considered the option of keeping /home on my 
laptop and when I'm on my home network, mount the NFS share on a 'dummy' 
directory and sync the two. However, this seems cumbersome and not very 
elegant. Is there a better solution?


Joseph Schlecht <joschlec@debian.org>

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