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Re: /home replication on laptop

Joseph Schlecht writes:
 > Hi Everyone!
 > I have three PC's and a laptop running debian. They are all networked 
 > together, one of the PC's is soon to be an NFS/NIS server. I am doing this to 
 > share /home and other common directories.
 > Sharing /home should be no problem for the PC's, however I don't know what I 
 > am going to do with my laptop. Since I am always roaming other networks, I 
 > would like to have /home from my network replicated on my laptop and when I 
 > get to my home network, sync up any changes that are made. 
 > Can I do this with NFS? I've considered the option of keeping /home on my 
 > laptop and when I'm on my home network, mount the NFS share on a 'dummy' 
 > directory and sync the two. However, this seems cumbersome and not very 
 > elegant. Is there a better solution?
 > Thanks,
 > Joseph Schlecht <joschlec@debian.org>


I use catchup (http://www.cse.unsw.edu.au/~neilb/oss/catchup/) to
synchronize my home on the laptop with my home on the PC at work.
This allows me to modify files on both homes and later synchronize
them.  Instead of just deleting the old version of a file catchup may
also save the old file in a special directory.  If the same file is
modified on both computers catchup does not overwrite the
modifications but renames one by adding the extension .alt so you can
solve the conflict manually.

You may also use rsync or rdist but this allows you only to propagate
modifications from one PC to another without the advantages of


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