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Re: Problems with 2.4.0, pcmcia-cs, and kernel package

>>>>> "Drew" == Drew Parsons <dparsons@emerall.com> writes:

    Drew> On Sun, Jan 07, 2001 at 03:32:14PM -0500, Brian Connelly wrote:

    Drew> ps on a different note, has anyone used the 2.4 kernel's own pcmcia
    Drew> modules?  They seem to be missing a lot of drivers, e.g. xirc2ps_cs
    Drew> isn't there.

I've been using it.  It works fine for me, because I only need the pcnet
module.  Early test versions didn't work for me (or maybe it was just the
pcmcia-cs utilities that didn't work with it), but test-12, and the final
release are working great.  I've compiled a bunch of the other drivers as
modules, but since I don't have those cards, I can't test them.

Brian (the original poster): if you need to use the pcmcia-cs modules, then
don't compile the kernel's pcmcia support.  If you don't need to use the
pcmcia-cs modules (i.e. all the drivers you need are in the kernel sources),
then don't compile them; you won't need anything in there.


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