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Re: hard disk drive

Heather <star@starshine.org> writes:

> > none of the hard drive options work.... hdc, hdd ...etc...
> > 
> > i have another question since we are on this .....
> > this might make things a little bit more complex, as it is (if anyone has
> > been following the threads of emails I have beensending would be confused
> > as to what I am trying to achieve!!)
> > 
> >  i cant help smiling at the whole interest i have created(have I??) :)
> Well, there seem to be a decent handful of us now trying to give it our
> best shot.
> > I WILL be using the dock'c SCSI port to connect to a SCSI CD-ROM drive.... 
> > and since you mention the change in device names for devices in the dock
> > .... what MIGHT this device be recognised as by the kernel?? hd* or sd*
> > ????
> > any clues???
> If it really *is* SCSI...
> 	note: the only laptops I *know* of that have a real SCSI port showing
> 	are some of the older HP Omnibooks (waaaah, it appears that we have
> 	one to join the ranks of the stolen) - the 800, and the poor forlorn
> 	600 with its too-weird-for-words-hopeless PCMCIA ... and of *course*
> 	macintosh laptops.
> .. then all of the things should be sd? not hd?.  If the internal drive is 
> definitely IDE then it remains /dev/hda, and your first SCSI device should be 
> /dev/sda.
> So you would run fdisk:
> 	fdisk /dev/sda

hmm, for this you'd have to either have SCSI in your kernel or have
SCSI drivers as modules...  Praveen, did you roll your own kernel?

Also, with the laptop docked, can you go into the BIOS to see what
information you can get about the second hard drive?
What does Linux tell you at boot time (check output of dmesg)?


> But the partitions within it would have numbers:
> 	mkdosfs /dev/sda1
> 	mke2fs /dev/sda2
> 	mkswap /dev/sda3
> > and you can go ahead and publish this stuff on the gazette as long as you
> > trim off personal stuff, which i have a bad habit of writing in my emails
> > :), and other things that might not make a thread in the chain.

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