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Re: hard disk drive

> none of the hard drive options work.... hdc, hdd ...etc...
> i have another question since we are on this .....
> this might make things a little bit more complex, as it is (if anyone has
> been following the threads of emails I have beensending would be confused
> as to what I am trying to achieve!!)
>  i cant help smiling at the whole interest i have created(have I??) :)

Well, there seem to be a decent handful of us now trying to give it our
best shot.
> I WILL be using the dock'c SCSI port to connect to a SCSI CD-ROM drive.... 
> and since you mention the change in device names for devices in the dock
> .... what MIGHT this device be recognised as by the kernel?? hd* or sd*
> ????
> any clues???

If it really *is* SCSI...
	note: the only laptops I *know* of that have a real SCSI port showing
	are some of the older HP Omnibooks (waaaah, it appears that we have
	one to join the ranks of the stolen) - the 800, and the poor forlorn
	600 with its too-weird-for-words-hopeless PCMCIA ... and of *course*
	macintosh laptops.

... then all of the things should be sd? not hd?.  If the internal drive is 
definitely IDE then it remains /dev/hda, and your first SCSI device should be 

So you would run fdisk:
	fdisk /dev/sda

But the partitions within it would have numbers:
	mkdosfs /dev/sda1
	mke2fs /dev/sda2
	mkswap /dev/sda3
> and you can go ahead and publish this stuff on the gazette as long as you
> trim off personal stuff, which i have a bad habit of writing in my emails
> :), and other things that might not make a thread in the chain.

Well, that's why they call me an "editor" :) and I'd like to start by reminding
folks how easy it is to chop off all the "how to unsub from debian-laptops" 
footers  ;>
> thanks,
> Praveen Kamath

Hey, you're welcome, it's how we pay back the world for our own early days
of confusion.  Speaking of which... if anyone knows where there's a good
fast checklist of "ssh won't connect, what stupid thing did I miss" let
me know.  I have an sshd being especially weird.   And change the subject if 
you do it as a reply-to this one.

* Heather Stern * star@ many places... among 'em, sr. tech editor, linuxgazette

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