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trapped in the throes of install...

Hi all,
  I've downloaded the Debian 2.2r2 B1 image, and have been attempting to install it on a
Toshiba 1715XCDS Laptop.  I've successfully repartitioned the Hard Disk, Installed the
kernel and created a user account, but I have 2 problems which are frustrating my efforts.
The first of these is the install when run with dselect indicated that XFree86 would be installed,
but I do not see the xf86config program /usr/X11R6/bin .  The only files in that directory are
cardinfo and gxditview .
I would like to get X running, and I know that the graphics chips in the laptop support 800x600x16M colors at 60Hz,
but I am at a loss about what I need to do next.  anXious doesn't recognize the chipset, probably because its an AGP
version.  Others have had success with Toshiba laptops, so I think it's something I missed somewhere...
The second problem is that man is MIA...  leaving me pretty much in the dark.  in particular, I want to mount the cdrom
to see what's hiding on the B1 disk...
Any help would be much appreciated.

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