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Re: Hello all

On Fri, 5 Jan 2001, freaker <<<-------- wrote:
> I would just like to introduce myself.  I am new to this group and pretty
> new to Linux also.  I can definetly see myself going to Linux full time very
> shortly, after everything I have is compatible.
when I got my laptop it took me a month to get to 98% linux only.  The
final two percent was movie and game stuff.  Now I'm 99.98% linux, since I
can play all the movies I want under linux now and game wise I've found
bzflag and xpilot :)  And for the curious the 0.02% is a 32Mb DOS
partition with partition magic/spfdisk/norton commander and elite frontier
:)  Its also currently unbootable, I haven't gotten around to making it
bootable as I haven't needed it :)

> I do have a laptop problem though..
> I have an NEC Versa 5080x, thankfully everything is supported except for my
> Linksys Etherfast 10/100 PCMCIA card.  I get the error pcnet_cs unable to
> read hardware address 0x300 or 0x340 depending on which slot it is in.
The linksys card you have is ment to be one of the best pcmcia cards you
can get (in respect to linux).  And the error you are getting leads me to
concluding that you actually have a IRQ/IO problem.  Before you play with
the card type "cat /proc/ioports" and "cat /proc/interupts".  Find out
what devices have already taken your resources.  Is there anything at
0x300 or 0x340 already?  IF there is then this is the problem.  To fix the
problem you need to edit /etc/pcmcia/pcmcia.con (if I remember) and tell
the drivers to steer clean of using this resource and to find something

I hope this helps you

> anyway - that wasn't the best introduction, but it works..
I'm sure we will cope :)


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