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Re: hard disk drive

G'Day !

Are you saying that fdisk recognizes your new hd as /dev/hdb, but you can not mount it ?

Once in fdisk ... Did you partition the drive ?  Did you create a filesystem on those new partitions ?  Did you use the mount command to access the drive ("mount -t ext2 /dev/hdb1" as root) ?

Does anyone know how to do it in windows (is it a secondary slave, or maybe a secondary master ? ), it should be similar, as far as the hardware is concerned.

Jim Parker

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Kamath <kamath@cs.odu.edu>

01/05/01 02:43 AM

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Hello all--

I need some help from someone who has used docking stations. I have a
Compaq LTE Elite laptop with the Compaq smart-station. I have added an
additional hard-disk to the docking station, and would like to access this
additional hard-disk via the docking station.

The additional Hard disk is desk-top EIDE hard-drive and I tried
configuring it as the Primary master as well as the Slave but I get the
message "unable to open device" when I try to do a fdisk on the new disk,
it appears the diskette is recognised as /dev/hdb

Can anyone help me!!


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