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Re: Stolen laptop - how to increase security?

> bother to answer the questions as my nice little laptop disappeared from my
> office yesterday while I was at home due to flooding in my apartment. Bad
> day :(

Ugh. Bad day, indeed. Some months ago in response to workplace theft
warnings (apparently there are thieves who specialize in slipping into
office buildings and walking away with laptops, purses, etc.), I got
one of those little cable locking devices. (Most laptops have a little
slot made for this purpose.)

It takes about 30 seconds to snap into place and makes it impossible
to quickly walk away with the laptop. It won't stop a determined thief
with the time to unscrew the legs of the desk or one that wanders
around with a substantial pair of wire cutters in hand, but I feel
pretty secure leaving the laptop on my desk while I go to meetings or

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