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Re: advice on upgrading hard drive and cpu of laptop

On Friday 05 January 2001 14:25, Kamath wrote:
> I think you are speaking something of what I am looking for here!!
> I have been thinking seriously about upgrading my lap-top, which has
> survived long...
> I have a "toy" 486 lap-top (486 DX4 75 Mhz to be precise) And how can I
> upgrade the processor etc on this please!!
> My laptop is a Compaq LTE Elite 4/75 CX
> any places where I can get info on how to upgrade this lap-top?? from 486
> to say a reasonable speed pentium processor??

The main criteria is whether the CPU is socketed or soldered onto the 
motherboard.  If it's soldered in then there's nothing you can do.  If it's 
socketed then you can find a better CPU that fits the socket.

AMD used to sell 5x86 CPUs that went in 486 sockets and were considerably 
faster than 486 CPUs.  You could probably get a 5x86 at 150MHz to fit in the 
same socket which would be 4 times faster if you can find one.  They haven't 
been sold new for years so it'll take a bit of luck to find one.

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