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Re: Stolen laptop - how to increase security?

On Friday 05 January 2001 02:57, Jérôme Lacoste wrote:
> Some of you may have read one of my last mail in the list on the 29th.
> Don't bother to answer the questions as my nice little laptop disappeared
> from my office yesterday while I was at home due to flooding in my
> apartment. Bad day :(

On my Thinkpad I have a sticker that clearly says "Does Not Run Windows".

Some years ago I was at a users' group meeting and a woman described how her 
house was burgled.  She lost her TV ($300), her VCR ($400), and her new 
computer ($3000) was turned on and sitting at the LILO prompt.  Apparently 
when the machine didn't boot Windows the thieves decided it wasn't worth 

I believe that thieves lack the skill to install Windows on a Thinkpad 
(installing software on a laptop is a bitch even if you know what you are 
doing).  Therefore a laptop that doesn't run windows can't be sold.

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