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Re: advice on upgrading hard drive and cpu of laptop

I think you are speaking something of what I am looking for here!!
I have been thinking seriously about upgrading my lap-top, which has
survived long...
I have a "toy" 486 lap-top (486 DX4 75 Mhz to be precise) And how can I
upgrade the processor etc on this please!! 

My laptop is a Compaq LTE Elite 4/75 CX 

any places where I can get info on how to upgrade this lap-top?? from 486
to say a reasonable speed pentium processor??

thanks in advance!!

Praveen Kamath

On Fri, 5 Jan 2001, Russell Coker wrote:

> On Friday 05 January 2001 08:50, Dan Christensen wrote:
> > First, the hard drive:  the main reason I want to upgrade is to get
> > something faster.  My HD is a 6G Hitachi that came with my Vivante
> > when I bought it almost two years ago.  I find it to be very slow.
> > Can anyone recommend a faster drive, which is also relatively energy
> > efficient?  8 to 9G would be perfect.  Can anyone guess how many rpm
> > my drive would be?  I can't find this in any of the docs.  Will any
> > 2.5" IDE drive work?
> All the 2.5" IDE drives are supposed to be compatible (which doesn't mean 
> that they will be).
> If you buy from a large store you should be able to buy on the basis that it 
> will work in your machine and the store will take the risk that it doesn't 
> work.
> Laptop drives are slow.  They are slow because they are engineered for small 
> size and resistance to shock rather than performance.  They are also slow 
> because laptops have slow IO buses and can't handle full performance on 
> modern drives.
> A drive with a higher spin rate will have greater force on it's bearings when 
> you tilt it.  This isn't a big deal for desktop machines which don't move 
> much.  It is a serious issue for laptops which get used on trains!
> If your hard drive is slow then install more RAM for better caching.
> > My CPU is a Celeron 300.  I chose this because it was inexpensive and
> > doesn't consume much power, but now I'd like a bit more speed, maybe
> > 50 to 100% more.  Would something like a Celeron 500 be a good option?
> > Or a Pentium?  Or something from AMD?  Will any mobile chip fit into
> > my motherboard?  How will the energy use of a modern 500MHz cpu
> > compare with that of a two year old Celeron 300?
> Replacing a CPU requires totally disassembling the machine.  If something 
> goes wrong you can't get replacement parts (laptops are known for breaking 
> when you disassemble them).  You may end up with a dead machine if you take 
> it apart.
> A Celeron 300 is a good enough machine that it's not something you want to 
> risk losing, I recommend not trying to upgrade it.  Try upgrading it in 2-3 
> years time when it's just a toy and you don't care if it dies!
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