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Re: Apple Powerbook 5300 - ?

Hugo van der Merwe <hugovdm@mail.com> writes:

> > You can get or compile a lot for PPC. As for the rest, well, for
> > example there's no acroread, and we have reached Netscape 4.7 on the
> > PPC. But as far as I can tell the system is stable. Once it's going --
> > which can take some time: different boot methods, printing to the
> > serial port, you should know how to configure a keyboard, and so on
> > --, it's fine and performs well. I'm running potato/Helix Gnome on a
> > PB 3400.
> Thanks, that's interesting/good to know. That's what... a 300+ Mhz
> machine?

180--240 Mhz; the latest model was the first PB equipped with a G3. I
have a 180 Mhz, and it does not suck at 80 MB RAM (RAM modules are
hard to find, better get one that's already equipped with at least 64
Megs if you like the machine; and take one with built-in Ethernet).

> > The 5300's performance under MacOS is far from good, and the only
> > Linux to run on that beast is MkLinux, without SCSI- and CD-, and with
> > only buggy serial port support. It's said to be faster than MacOS
> > though. Apart from that, the power plug and the serial port hardware
> > are of incredibly low quality. Do not buy this machine.
> > YPB5300MMV, but I don't believe it would.
> I'll take your advice. The person wants a lot more than I want to offer
> - she's also mentioned the value of the included software, in which I am
> not interested...
> Thanks,
> Hugo van der Merwe

I've become more careful with advice on hardware, but not here. But I
had this machine repaired twice for the port issues, and had to buy
a new floppy drive module (which is, BTW, the same as in the 3400
:(. The 3400's CD-Module won't fit into the 5300). Oh, I forgot the
Akku which was supposed to burn out in certain circumstances IIRC, and
the "sound" that isn't even worth mentioning.

OTOH, it's a pity because this machine has a really nice size for a
portable, and the display is OK and brighter than most passive
displays. If you should get you one, who knows, the best OS for it is
IMO MacOS 7.6.1.


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