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Apple Powerbook 5300 - ?


I know someone who has an old Apple Powerbook 5300CS... she wants to
sell the thing, to get a newer machine that runs windows, as there will
then be more people that can help her with "stuff"...

I am considering buying this thing, and am now busy with a little
"research". Maybe I should rather try the debian-powerpc list? What I
need to know, is how does the powerpc port of Debian compare to the i386
port? Are there a lot fewer packages that work on powerpc, or will I
feel completely at home? I have never worked with non-intel architecture
machines (except at school, before I knew anything of computers: CAD
software on an Acorn...)

If anyone has experience with these machines, how is their
speed/performance? I believe it has a 100Mhz processor, hopefully 32MB
RAM... I'm used to an old pentium 120 laptop, very slow, but suits my
needs reasonably...

Hugo van der Merwe

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