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Re: Laptop email

Okay, this is drifting way off-topic, but I'll give it one last shot...

Andre Berger wrote:

> Adam C Powell IV <hazelsct@mit.edu> writes:
> > Andre Berger wrote:
> >
> > But that's the problem- it tries to get the new mail anyway sometimes when I switch
> > folders!  I'd just use something else, but I like Netscape; hopefully Mozilla will solve
> > my problems. :-)
> I don't really understand what you mean by "switch folders"?

When you're looking at emails in one folder, and decide to look at emails in another folder,
so you click the other folder- that's what I mean.  About 20% of the time (pretty randomly
from what I can tell), this generates a "download new messages" request, even if check
messages and download new mail are both turned off!

> BTW, I think spruce is a better "Messenger" than Netscrape's will ever be.

What's spruce?  Maybe I have something else to learn from you...  A URL?

What I like about Netscrape:

   * HTML mail.  Yes, I admit it, I'm just non-geeky enough to like it.  Partly because
     I like to be able to see things in proportional font, and resize the viewing window and
     have it wrap accordingly, without leaving ugly blank spaces every other line because of
     bad line division.  Partly because I can embed links and pictures in text I send (no,
     I never send pictures to a list!), and some formatting- tables are really nice, even if
     I'm going to lose the pretty borders by having it convert to plain text before sending.
     (This is a <UL> list converted to plain text.)  Also, Netscape doesn't embed <FONT>
     tags, allowing the reader control over fonts, unlike that other HTML mail client...
   * Integration with the browser: links in HTML mail, and more importantly URLs in plain
     text mail, are blue underlined and clicking them takes me to the page.
   * Nice eye-pleasing 3-pane GUI.
   * Decent searching, recursively through subfolders, decent options, etc.
   * Easy drag-n-drop filing into folders.
   * Marking messages as flagged for later perusing of the best messages in my local archive
     of a list, etc.
   * Nice, easy-to-use filtering.
   * Decent one-click spell checking.
   * Easy quoting of multiple messages, e.g. click reply on message A, click and read message
     B in the messenger, click "quote" in the mail composer to quote message B into the
     message A reply.
   * Drag-'n-drop attachments.
   * Options pane with checkbuttons for things like: uuencode instead of MIME attacments,
     Verisign [ugh, wish there was GPG] encryption/signing, return receipt.
   * Local address book or external LDAP completion of partial addresses, drag-n-drop

If spruce can provide a lot of these without Netscape's drawbacks, then I'm open to
switching!  (Also looking forward to Mozilla and/or Evolution...)


-Adam P.

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