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Re: Laptop email

Andre Berger wrote:

> The recent fetchmail gets unseen msgs only, unless you specify -a
> (all msgs, seen or not).


> Note that I said (or meant) in my original posting I have turned off
> automatic retrieval in Netscape. If you combine Netscape and Xbiff or
> anything else that tells you new mail has arrived and have a little
> discipline, you will be able to avoid most Netscape crashes if I got
> you right: just don't hit the "Get msg"-button if there's no new
> mail.

But that's the problem- it tries to get the new mail anyway sometimes when I switch
folders!  I'd just use something else, but I like Netscape; hopefully Mozilla will solve
my problems. :-)

> This is no work-around for the usual hangs when Netscape expects
> to be online in order to display any non-local Browser Start page. Try
> "Browser starts with: Blank page".

Yeah, I have it starting with about:mozilla :-)

> You don't need "Send later" any more and I don't know what happens if
> you use it. I suspect some Netscape thing will be done that should be
> avoided if you ever want your msg to get delivered to anybody
> ;). "Send" does what you want: queue into exim.

"Send later" stores messages in the "Unsent Messages" folder; "Send unsent messages"
sends everything there.  Works well for me, but if one uses PPP, then your solution with
the scripts auto-sending the exim queue is the best solution I've heard of.

I wish I could do something comparable with ethernet, but as I mentioned, tying anything
to starting the card or the networking will trigger each time I resume from an apm

Thanks again for the PPP trick, I'm going to use it at home.

-Adam P.

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