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Re: Laptop email

Cory Snavely <csnavely@umich.edu> writes:

> This is the *exact* same problem I have. One possible solution I've been
> kicking around is to set up a low-end server at home with imapd and
> Apache with mod_roaming (for the address books, etc.)
> That's a lot of work. To confess, though, I thought it might be fun 8)
> and good practice.
> My biggest complaint, though, is that the potato Netscape doesn't seem
> to have the same "offline reading" capability as the Windows 98 one.
> Does anybody know about that (why that feature doesn't seem present)?

You just have to use it ;)

I have exim to send mail from and fetchmail to download mail to my
potato box. Add shell scripts to /etc/ppp/ip-up.d/ that send and receive
mail automatically as soon as you go online.

Set (Netscape) "Preferences | Incoming Mail Servers" 's "Server Type"
to "Movemail". I had to use "External MoveMail"
'/usr/lib/xemacs-21.1.10/powerpc-debian-linux/movemail' from
xemacs21-nomule's bin package because the "Builtin MoveMail" didn't
work. Set the "User Name" to the login name on your own box (your
$USER). BTW I have unchecked any other button there. As soon as the
scripts in /etc/ppp/ip-up.d/ have finished, you can go offline. Use
Messenger's "Get Msg" btn to actually get the mail into Netscape.

Set the "Outgoing (SMTP) Server" to 'localhost', the "User Name" to
your login name on your own box again. If you want to send mail,
always use the "Send" btn (not "Send later"). This will add the
msg to the exim queue.


> Christopher Hicks wrote:
> > 
> > Hi All,
> > 
> > Having just got my laptop back from repair (grrrr....) I am ready to
> > reinstall operating systems and recover everything from my backups etc etc.
> > I'll also take the opportunity to upgrade from slink to potato.
> > 
> > One improvement I would very much like to make over the setup I had before
> > is this:  it would be *very* convenient to store my email on a partition
> > accessible to both Linux and Win98 (which I have to have for work - sigh)
> > such that I can access it with a unified set of folders/address book etc
> > from whichever O/S I happen to be in the time. This also requires a mail
> > client which runs under both linux and Win98 (or at least a pair of clients
> > with compatible file formats).
> > 
> > At first sight Netscape Messenger would seem to fit the bill, but
> > unfortunately it seems to use different filenames (for its mail folders)
> > under the two O/S's. If the set of filenames were static I could possibly
> > get around it with some symbolic link trickery on the linux side, but this
> > would limit me to creating new mail folders only in Windows, and then
> > manually fiddling to make that new folder work in linux. Yuck. (Also
> > Netscape has the "one POP server" limitation which is a pain since I use two
> > POP accounts).
> > 
> > Mahogany looks promising, but I've heard it is still excessively buggy. Does
> > anyone have any other suggestions?
> > 
> > Christopher Hicks
> > 
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Andre Berger <andre.berger@topmail.de> from Bonn, Germany

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