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Re: problem installing debian 2.2 potato on a dell inspiron

On Sun, 9 Jul 2000, brent harding wrote:

> I don't have enough space to create more partitions. I sure didn't put that
> second one on there. If I would've made a windows box I would've taken the
> whole disk with the fat32 partition. What if it has problems when I delete
> it, the primary only has about 1 gig on it, so if I shrink it, I barely
> have enough for windows or linux. 
hmm, can't say really. I don't know what that second partitation is.
Safest way to proceed is: backup the windows part, remove all partitations
and create them again with the sizes you want them.
Or just try to remove the 2nd partitation and see what happens.
In all case, backup the windows part for got sake, if anything goes wrong
you at least have you're data on a backup.

> It's that second one, I believe for
> suspend, which is the problem, I've never seen it done that way before, I
> have 64 mb of ram, so I could probably live without swap, can always use a
> file if I need to. I thought nvram was the bios eprom that I'd be writing
> to if I play with that device, I don't have an eprom maker so I probably
> couldn't write to it anyway, does that nvram have enough space that I could
> create a file system on it to back up my system to? Like, mkfs /dev/nvram0
> or something?
/dev/nvrm is not a blockdevice or something like that.
As it's late now I am not able to look for you what exactly it is, but if
you can find a kernel-sourcetree somewhere I believe the Documents/ dir
will have a nvram.txt explaining what it is.


Andor Demarteau

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