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Re: problem installing debian 2.2 potato on a dell inspiron

well excually you don't have to delete the second partitiation, but I
think it's okay to do so.
Make sure you don't delete partitation 1 as well.
If that is done, just create a /dev/hda2 and had3 partitation where one is
an linux code 83 partitation and the other will be swapspace (82).
If you only fiddle with the second partiation that will eb fine, for
security sake update you're windows drive somehwere.

/dev/nvram when used wrong can indeed screw upt you're bios, be carefull.
good luck

On Sun, 9 Jul 2000, brent harding wrote:

> 	I got as far as downloading the files I need to install debian 2.2 potato
> on my laptop. It boots up fine, I get to the installer, but now, there's a
> dilemma with partitions. /dev/hda1 appears to have a little over 1 gig,
> /dev/hda2 appears to have 4.something gigs, and I thought I had an 8 gig
> hard drive, so I tried to create /dev/hda3 using fdisk, but it said, no
> sectors free. Fips didn't seem to split anything off, can I just delete
> partition 2 and install linux to it? It's a fat32 partition that doesn't
> show up in windows, I only have drive c, and my cd-rom on d and my floppy
> on a, and no other drives are shown. If there are two fat32 partitions,
> they should both show. Is it safe to delete the 4 gig one, to put linux on?
> If one of them is the suspend to disk area, how can I disable it, as I
> can't find anything related to it in control panel, device manager, or any
> of the power settings in windows, can it be changed through /dev/nvram, or
> it's equivalent, whatever it is, in windows? Someone told me I could make
> my system unusable by playing with /dev/nvram.
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Andor Demarteau

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