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Re: problem installing debian 2.2 potato on a dell inspiron

> > It's that second one, I believe for
> > suspend, which is the problem, I've never seen it done that way before, I
> > have 64 mb of ram, so I could probably live without swap, can always use a
> > file if I need to. I thought nvram was the bios eprom that I'd be writing
> > to if I play with that device, I don't have an eprom maker so I probably
> > couldn't write to it anyway, does that nvram have enough space that I could
> > create a file system on it to back up my system to? Like, mkfs /dev/nvram0
> > or something?

/dev/nvram are the contents of your CMOS values.  Entirely up to your BIOS
whether they are read-only, writable, or heinously dangerous to address 
(hope not but you can't know) during the system being up.  It's not a disk
type and only has 50 bytes (on my box).  It has nothing to do with suspend
*volumes* though the *options* eg suspend to ram vs suspend to disk, catch 
some Zs if bored for an hour, etc. are probably in there.

> /dev/nvram is not a blockdevice or something like that.
> As it's late now I am not able to look for you what exactly it is, but if
> you can find a kernel-sourcetree somewhere I believe the Documents/ dir
> will have a nvram.txt explaining what it is.

it does.  You can always get a kernel tree by fetching
	apt-get source kernel-image-(number)

you might also force it, if you already have that kernel installed.

"Pristine" sources can always be found at kernel.org.

* Heather Stern * star@ many places

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