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Re: No MII transceivers found!

sen_ml@eccosys.com dijo:
> i've never used the card in question but for reference, it does appear to
> be among the latest supported cards (for 3.1.16):
>   http://pcmcia.sourceforge.org/ftp/SUPPORTED.CARDS
> i don't know from which version of pcmcia-cs this holds though (it was
> in at least 3.1.14).  perhaps someone else knows or can find out.
> which version of pcmcia-cs / pcmcia-source / modules are you using?

I'm running a 2.2.14 kernel with pcmcia-cs 3.1.19 
Other cards work just fine.
And this card works in another laptop (running Red Hat).
I really am shocked ;-)

Can anyone point me to a source of information on this?
Thanks a lot in advance! 

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