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Re: Driver for _ISA_ Lucent winmodem?

Ciao Francesco,

Thanks a lot for replying. After you told me that the driver _does_ work for the
ISA pnp version of the modem, I concentrated on looking for what process could be
using the resource and tried hiding the ttyS3 device and even avoiding isapnp do
the setup. Well... finally I got it, I just had to uncomment one further line in my
isapnp.conf file,

(IO 1 (SIZE 8) (BASE 0x0100))

that's all. Afterwards I've been making some tests.
Sometimes the driver shows a lot of hex flags and complains "Aieee" trying to kill
don't remember what (will try to reproduce it if anybody wants a true report) and
it just freezes the whole system with need to power down (this laptop doesn't have
an hardware reset), it seems as removing the module - eventually sleeping 1 sec -
and reinstalling the module is a good thing before trying a new connection... but I
haven't been able to isolate a serie of actions that causes the problem yet.
Anyway, I could connect to one of the ISPs I have access to here in Paris (and
could at last pop my e-mail accounts with a single popclient call as I used to on
my Linux desktop in Italy, before getting stucked to win stuff on this laptop,
which means tweakling with the mouse to manually change Netscape's preferences for
it just to pop one account at a time, phhhhhhhh). I've been using wvdial as my ppp
setup is not fine yet (and pppd complains about secrets it doesn't find... not a
permission problem as I was firing as root... wvdial itself stored the secrets...
well that's another problem, I'll just see the docs).

The best connection I get is
    CONNECT 50666 V42bis
(but sometimes tonight on the same ISP I got 48000 or little more, sometimes
actually it was around 32000).

As in your other system, the further setup you suggested via setserial seems
absolutely uninfluent on the results (unless I add the flag spd_hi, which makes the
connection speed stay at just 14400, always V42bis).
If I just ask what's the setup without imposing any parameter:

# setserial /dev/ttyS14
/dev/ttyS14, UART: undefined, Port: 0x0100, IRQ: 3

and appearently it works the same.
I've been running kernel 2.2.14.

Ciao, grazie ancora.

Francesco Bochicchio a écrit:

> On Mon, 26 Jun 2000 20:03:13 Nicola Bernardelli wrote:
> > Hello,
> >
> > I have an Acer Extensa 500T here and I'm running Debian 2.1.
> >
> > The User's Manual for the "56k Internal Modem" says ISA Plug&Play.
> > Actually, I do the weakmodem setup with isapnp, and it says "Enabled
> > Ok".
> >
> > At linmodems.org, the binary-only driver is clearly told to be for the
> > Lucent _PCI_ winmodem.
> > Is there any driver for an _ISA_ Lucent winmodem?
> >
> > Err... wait a moment... at the bottom of the linmodems.org homepage
> > there's a link "A Wallace and Gromit fan has a HUGE listing of modems
> > and winmodems." => http://www.o2.net/~gromitkc/winmodem.html, in this
> > page (a little after its half) there's a table with title "Linmodem
> > drivers", well that driver is supposed to work for the ISA pnp version
> > too.
> >
> Ciao Nicola,
> I have a Compaq Presario 1610. It has a Lucent winmodem. As far I can remember,
> Windows listed it as an ISA PNP ( I can't check because I deleted Win95 a
> couple of weeks ago ).
> Anyway, the module ltmodem.o works for me. In addition to make the device
> (ttyS14), I have to execute at boot these commands:
> insmod -f ltmodem
> setserial /dev/ttyS14 irq=3 port=0x02f8 uart16550A.
> NOTE : the setserial after the insmod.
> A strange thing is that I have also a Desktop with the Lucent winmodem [this
> I'm sure that is PCI], but on the desktop I don't need the setseria command.
> Ciao
> Francesco
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