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Driver for _ISA_ Lucent winmodem?


I have an Acer Extensa 500T here and I'm running Debian 2.1.

The User's Manual for the "56k Internal Modem" says ISA Plug&Play.
Actually, I do the weakmodem setup with isapnp, and it says "Enabled

At linmodems.org, the binary-only driver is clearly told to be for the
Lucent _PCI_ winmodem.
Is there any driver for an _ISA_ Lucent winmodem?

Err... wait a moment... at the bottom of the linmodems.org homepage
there's a link "A Wallace and Gromit fan has a HUGE listing of modems
and winmodems." => http://www.o2.net/~gromitkc/winmodem.html, in this
page (a little after its half) there's a table with title "Linmodem
drivers", well that driver is supposed to work for the ISA pnp version

Actually I have tried with that driver, I've run the install script
which has correctly created the device entry (the script is not Debian
specific, not a problems as for putting the insmod -f command in
rc.boot-or-whereElse instead of rc.local for boot time [also for I
wouldn't want it at boot time]) but finally I don't succeed in having
the module loaded, it complains "device or resource busy" and it doesn't
get loaded (just checked with lsmod). I've tried both with kernel 2.2.14
and 2.2.12 (always with the -f option of course, 2.2.12 is not
2.2.12-20). I've tried with different IRQ values and port addresses (of
course discarding IRQ values giving conflicts), including the values I
see under Win98: 0x2e8 IRQ 3. I always get "device or resource busy" and
the module is not loaded. I suppose the driver is looking among PCI
stuff while I have the modem on ISA.

BTW,  a link from linmodems.org brings to
http://808hi.com/56k/ltwin.htm, I go to the Firmware Updates page (where
"firmware" is the software driver for the WinXXX environment) and I get
the latest, 5.75, (I save \windows\system\ltmodem.vxd elsewhere as a
backup) I run the exe and it installs successfully (why does it also
install voice-modem wav-related stuff?, I didn't know it is a voice
modem, I don't think it is at all, otherwise the User's Manual wold most
certainly tell it aloud), now I connect at 48000 instead of 44000, so
it's running.
Mmm, no this doesn't mean anything, the setup procedure may recognize
the environment (98/NT/...) and the precise modem model and put a
different "firmware" in use, so it doesn't mean that there is no
distinction as for the "firmware" between ISA and PCI Lucent winmodems,
it just means that Lucent is still providing updated drivers for both of
them, as for the Windows environment.

Thanks for any help,

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