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Re: Debian on a Thinkpad


On Mon, 19 Jun 2000, Ole Carlsen wrote:

> I am trying to install debian to a Thinkpad 755CE.
I use a similar one: Thinkpad 755C (486DX-4/75 with 20 MB RAM, no CD-ROM)
BTW: Which version of debian?

> I have partitioned my hard disk as follow:
> / : 30MB, /usr : 270, /swap : 28MB.
/nt: 700MB, /: 500 /swap: 32MB

> It is a 486DX4-100 with 24MB RAM and no CD therefor I am trying to
> install through NFS from a machine running Win98.
I made it via Floppies (2 Boot, 3 Drivers, 10 Base) and ftp (WinNT ftp
service) afterwards. Using a "30-day-trial-version" of e.g. OmniNFS Server
(including ftp server) may be a good idea. Get it from www.download.com.
I am using a Xircom Credit Card Ethernet adapter.

> I have made a installation through floppies and it seems to work, but if
> I have some packages it will be difficult if I have to copy them to
> floppy each time I will install something new.
Run dselect and get it via ftp. Predefined path's worked fine for me.

> My problem is that I can't find the NFS server. On the Win98 machine I
> use FTP serv-u.
No idea. I use NT as alternative...; in SuSE 6.4 you need to have more
then 32MB RAM to to a net-install anyhow.

> Have any of you tried to install in a way close to what I have tried to
> describe??
One of the problems i had was, that on ftp.debian.org there are many
symbolic links. Copying and sharing them from WinXX did not work like that
:-( but from ftp.debian.org :-))
> I think I could use some suggestions:-)
pppconfig and dial-up internet via Modem? 
Use a highspeed internet connection from a friends site?

I hope you have some hints now. 
Getting a used external CD-ROM drive isn't a bad idea, anyhow.
(PCMCIA-SCSI/Exernal CD-ROM or CD-Recorder).


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