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Debian on a Thinkpad


I am trying to install debian to a Thinkpad 755CE.
I have partitioned my hard disk as follow:
/ : 30MB, /usr : 270, /swap : 28MB.
It is a 486DX4-100 with 24MB RAM and no CD therefor I am trying to
install through NFS from a machine running Win98.
I have made a installation through floppies and it seems to work, but if
I have some packages it will be difficult if I have to copy them to
floppy each time I will install something new.
My problem is that I can't find the NFS server. On the Win98 machine I
use FTP serv-u.
Have any of you tried to install in a way close to what I have tried to
I think I could use some suggestions:-)

Ole C@rlsen, Denmark

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