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Re: Debian on a Thinkpad

Daniel Schmidt wrote:
> BTW: Which version of debian?
Debian GNU/Linux 2.1 R4 i386

> > I have partitioned my hard disk as follow:
> > / : 30MB, /usr : 270, /swap : 28MB.
> /nt: 700MB, /: 500 /swap: 32MB
I only have a 340MB hard disk;-) and have now changed it to:
/ : 300MB, /swap : 28MB.

> I made it via Floppies (2 Boot, 3 Drivers, 10 Base) and ftp (WinNT ftp
Why 3 drivers, I can only find 1 disk with drivers??

> service) afterwards. Using a "30-day-trial-version" of e.g. OmniNFS Server
> (including ftp server) may be a good idea. Get it from www.download.com.
I haven't experience in using ftp, but I have now downloaded the
Is there a way to see if there is connection between my Thinkpad and my
desktop machine?

> Run dselect and get it via ftp. Predefined path's worked fine for me.
You say predefined?? 

> > I think I could use some suggestions:-)
> pppconfig and dial-up internet via Modem?
> Use a highspeed internet connection from a friends site?
That could be the final solution, but now that i have the CD's I will at
least try and try and.... 

> Daniel

Ole C@rlsen, Denmark

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