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Re: apmd no longer works with 2.2.15 on TP 385

>  after downloading the new kernel 2.2.15, patching it with the USB
>  backport, and installing the new pcmcia-cs version from unstable,
>  I'm stuck with a suspend/standby problem from apmd.

I had a similar problem.  I wasn't getting the same log results as you, but I
did have 2.2.15 not suspending where 2.2.14 did.

Now I am on 2.4.0-test1 which suspends correctly now that I have compiled it
without ACPI.

I haven't tried 2.2.16 yet, but I hope that it may work better.

I'm running a Thinkpad 600E.

My current location - X marks the spot.

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