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IBM Thinkpad 570 (type 2644) harddisk problem

I have a problem with the 6.4 GB harddisk on my IBM Thinkpad 570 (type 2644).
Sometimes, very rarely, only four times since April when it was purchased, the
harddisk jams and submits terrible sounds, like its going to crash. When this
happen, the only way out of the problems is to turn off the computer and
restart it, since the computer will lockup when it tries to access the jammed
harddisk. A few of my friends got the same model around the same time, and
they experience the same problems (running Debian or FreeBSD). However, the
problem has never occured under Windows, although it may be too early to claim
that it will never happen there.

IBM seem to be unaware of this problem, as well as the problem with a few
wierd pixels on the mouse pointers (appearing in both Windows and Linux) on all
five machines I have seen (they were all purchased at the same occation).

I would like to know if someone has a solution to this harddisk problem, or at
least has experienced it.

/Anders Torger

"Lascia la spina, cogli la rosa"

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