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apmd no longer works with 2.2.15 on TP 385


  after downloading the new kernel 2.2.15, patching it with the USB
  backport, and installing the new pcmcia-cs version from unstable,
  I'm stuck with a suspend/standby problem from apmd.

  When I close the lid, the laptop no longer suspends.  This used to
  work just fine before the kernel upgrade.  The led just blinks for
  10 secs, I receive a "apm: event queue overflow" on the console,
  then nothing happens.  The logs show in "debug":
      kernel: cs: received extra suspend event
      last message repeated 454 times
  Somehow apmd and cs appear to be fighting about the suspend.

  I can do a "/etc/init.d/apmd stop" and everything works again.  This
  is why I assume apmd is the guilty part.

  Any hints?  anybody?


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