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Modem card fails dialing after busy tone


I have a PCMCIA modem card that identifies
  	V1.430-028, USRobotics 288 Data Fax Modem ROCKWELL AC/V34 in class 2
(it is a WorldPort).  Here is the problem I have: when I dial out and
meet a busy tone, the next dialing fails.  I got that wether I try to
send faxes or to connect to my ISP.  What I need to do is to stop the
dial manually and reconnect (but if I do too soon, I got the same
thing).  If I unplug and replug the card, all is fine.  If somebody
has a workaround, please let me know (I suppose one could reset the
modem each time before using it but I don't know how).

More info: when I connect my ISP and get the busy tone, the next try
chat says the modem is DELAYED (sometimes by 00:00 !).  Is there any
way that could be related and how to turn that off?


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